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Rural4U.com.au is an online store providing customers with a range of high-quality Farm and Garden products. We are an Australian business with over 10 years experience in procuring and developing quality products with outstanding value. We supply our products nationwide and aim to provide outstanding customer service and support. We can dispatch orders within 1-2 business days to provide quick delivery.  Our range can be viewed from the Products menu above and includes the following categories: 


Animal Traps

If you need a humane solution for relocating animals we have an animal trap for you. Whether it’s a possum in your roof or pigeons roosting under your eaves, a feral cat, a wild dog, rats, or mice we have a trap that will catch it. Our catch and release live animal traps provide an effective way to relocate animal and rodents with ease.  Remember to comply with your local council rules when catching wild animals. 

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Chicken Feeders and Waterers

Our stainless steel chicken feeders and drinkers / waterers are available in a range of sizes to suit all types of farms. Made from quality stainless steel that won’t rust and are perfect for the Australian climate.  Also, see our range of automatic feeders that reduce feed waste and protect the feed from birds and pest.

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Garden Ornaments and Windmills

We have a range of garden ornaments to bring colour and charm to any garden. Our range of ornamental windmills are available in a variety of sizes and can include a weather station. These are a spectacular feature in your garden and will draw the attention of your neighbours. We have large bronze wind spinners available in two different styles and four mini wind spinners in a variety of colours. 

We also supply ornamental animals such as Kangaroos, Peacocks, Herons and Geese.  These charismatic creatures will bring colour to your garden when the plants aren’t flowering. 

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Extension Leads

Australia’s best extension leads. We sell our leads direct to the trade. Our heavy duty 15 amp cable with a 3 x 1.5mm2 core protects your appliance from voltage drop. Fitted with a quality, fully moulded, 10amp plug and 10amp socket which makes them suitable for all household appliances. 

We also stock 15 amp caravan leads. Supplied with a 3 x 1.5mm2 core and fitted with a quality fully moulded 15 amp plug and 15 amp socket. Our Caravan leads are suitable for all caravans fitted with a 15amp plug and suited to caravan parks that supply 15amp power outlets. 

All of our extension leads are covered by a current Australian certificate of approval.

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Replacement Wheelbarrow and Hand Trolley Wheels

We have trade quality replacement wheelbarrow and hand trolley wheels. Our wheelbarrow and hand trolley wheels are available in a range of sizes and styles. We have pneumatic air-filled tyres and the puncture proof flat free solid wheels, wide wheels for travelling on uneven surfaces and deep tread wheels for mud and sand. Our wheelbarrow wheels are supplied with a 25.4mm bore to suit the standard 25mm wheelbarrow axle. Hand truck trolley wheels are supplied with a 16mm bore.

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Rural4U supplies a wide range of buckets. Our most popular are the stainless steel fully spun one piece milk buckets. These buckets do not have a seam join which means no residue can be left behind, they are hygienic, and are easily cleaned. We supply galvanised bucket which last significantly longer than plastic and a range of rubber buckets that withstand rough trade applications such as concreting or rough treatment around the farm.

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Our range of farm and garden tools is growing every day and we are now stocking a fencing range with a star picket fence post driver and ratchet fence strainers. Also see our growing rope category with large spools of silver mono poly rope.

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Feed Drums

The 30L and 50L Feed Drums have a plastic cover seal and screw on lid to keep your feed dry, fresh and safe from pests. Our Feed Drums are made from food grade material and certified to AS2070 plastic material for food contact use. Each Feed Drum features two carry handles, a wide mouth opening, a plastic lid insert seal and screw tight lid.

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